Marketing for Others to Branding for All - Founder of Shrinkwrap: Alison Roth

September 24, 2016
During Alison Roth’s, founder of Shrinkwrap, time creating marketing concepts for dating sites at her branding, marketing, and development job, she began to think of other services that would benefit from an online platform and development from someone that understands the landscape. It was while working on these dating website projects, and others, that Alison Roth came up with the plan for Shrinkwrap. She saw that there was a significant need for branding therapists in the same way companies were branded. She saw that an improvement could be made from a branding and marketing overhaul within the therapy industry and this overhaul would allow therapists to separate themselves from each other while simultaneously building their practices around their targeted demographic. And in this idea and realization, Alison Roth founded Shrinkwrap.
Alison Roth began her 14 year online career as a branding, marketing, and website development strategist, consulting for some of the most successful online dating companies including Jdate, and eHarmony. While working for online dating companies, Alison Roth learned the science behind converting visitors into members and members into subscribers.